Wabokieshiek or White Cloud the Prophet

Wabokieshiek or White Cloud

 In the 1730's a certain Sac chief set up his village with his band on an oxbow of the

Rock River which is now the town of Prophetstown. It was this site two generations

later that this chiefs Winnebago wife gave birth to Poweshiek who later became

Wabokieshiek or White Cloud the Prophet.White Cloud was born in 1793 gaining

prowess as a prophet and chief at a early age. At the proper time he took two

Winnebago wives, having a Winnebago mother, two Winnebago wives, plus the fact

his sister was married to the head chief of the Winnebago's, plus the fact he made

beneficial prophecies that materialized to them these natives had adopted him as their

Chief and Spiritual councilor along with his regular followers who were Sac. This would

be reason many Indians, most government agents, many Historians, past and present

to call him a Winnebago Chief. He was categorically a Sac Chief, inheriting the

position from his fore fathers. Among the Algonquin Indians chieftonship was generally

inherited patrimonially, going first to a son, then a son-in-law and less often to a

grandson or nephew.

   It is my understanding the name Wabokieshiek in Winnebago language means

"white sky light." It is also my understanding they referred to clouds as light.

White Cloud died in 1835.

   In the early 1800's there were 14 Indian Villages scattered along the Rock River

between Rock Island and Dixon.The principal village was Prophet's Town. In 1835

there were still three to four hundred Indians living near the mouth of Coon Creek.

As late as 1871 Indians still lived in the area around the Prophet's Town.

  White Cloud was the right arm to Black Hawk during the Black Hawk war.